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How to Sell your Home Fast in Kanata

Are you thinking of selling your house but don’t know where to begin? I’m sure you want to guarantee you get the highest price possible for your home. The two main concerns I receive from clients listing their home is that they want it to sell fast and that they want to get the best price possible or even better have it sell in multiple offers. Working in the industry I have seen what buyers absolutely hate as well as what they like. Keep reading where I will break down all my tips and tricks to have your home sell fast and for top dollar!

Now lets begin – here’s how to sell your home quickly in 2023.

Step # 1 

Take a good look at your home and depersonalize and declutter. We want buyers to be able to actually picture themselves living in your home! This is why you need to depersonalize it. Take down family photos and picture collages and put all personal items away!

Most buyers are looking for a turn key move in- ready home. Would your home be move in ready for a new buyer? 

Minor updates can make all the difference. Take a look and determine if your house could use a fresh coat of pain, a deep clean, or a little landscaping work. 

Step #2 

Make sure your home is priced appropriately. This is where your realtor will come in handy! You will want to review all of the comparables in the area and use that to determine price point. There are also different pricing strategies to use depending on the market, time of year, and location of your home. Every property is different and this is where a realtor will be needed. 

Now here is the problem I have seen when people overprice their homes. Buyers get angry – I know it sounds silly but I promise they do. They will say something like “wow what greedy owners” “they will never get that price” and move onto the next listing. This is a HUGE disservice for you and your home as potential buyers will not even give the overpriced listing a second look. 

On the other hand some people underprice their home in hopes to receive multiple offers, and attract more buyers. Although that can work – depending on the market at the time. More often than not however,  I have buyers ask me well what’s wrong with this house..” why is it listed so low… “something must be very wrong with it.” As you can see overpricing or underpricing your home can have you miss out on so many potential buyers and this is why pricing your home accurately and effectively is so important. 

How Does a Realtor Help me?

Step # 3 

You will need to hire a listing agent. Your agent will be the one to market your home and this needs to be done effectively as you will see in step #4. Your realtor will also help you determine your home’s list price which as mentioned is extremely important when it comes to the sale of your home.

Step #4 

In 2023 marketing your home is the key to have it sell quickly. Buyers are now finding their homes online. What that means for you is that your home must have professional photography,  professional videography , Open Houses, and Maximum neighborhood signage. When you hire your realtor to sell your home you should make sure they offer everything listed above and recognize the importance of online marketing.

Buyers love a staged home – we want to make people see your home on an emotional level and picture themselves actually living there. Staging is one of the best ways to do this. Not only does staging help buyers love your home when they come see it – it also helps with your home’s online marketing presence through photos and videos. Some realtors cover the cost for staging so this should be something you ask your potential real estate agent!

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