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4 of The BEST Neighbourhoods for Families in Ottawa

Did you know that where you live determines your level of happiness more than any other factor?! Living in the right city and more importantly the right neighborhood is so incredibly important. If you are considering moving to Ottawa I’m sure you’re trying to unpack exactly which neighborhood you should live in. In this video, I am going to review the 4 best family friendly neighborhoods here in Ottawa Ontario. Make sure you stick around until the end where I will tell you the best, most family friendly neighborhood here!

Disclaimer: Finding the right neighbourhood is a very subjective experience for you and your family! Although this list is a great start to finding your perfect neighbourhood its always better to speak with a professional who can understand your personal wants and needs. If you are looking for more guidance on your move to Ottawa connect with me below – where I can provide you with a completely tailored neighbourhood recommendation for free!

Ottawa Neighbourhood # 1 - Riverside South

Riverside South

Alright so let’s get started. Here are my top 4 family friendly neighborhoods in Ottawa! 

First off we have Riverside South. Riverside South is a suburb in Ottawa’s South end that is directly next to Barrhaven. Riverside South is approximately a 20 minute from downtown Ottawa and is pretty central to the rest of Ottawa. Riverside South is extremely family friendly and is a newer community with many of the homes being under 25 years old. Riverside South made my top 4 list because of its proximity to the Rideau River. There are beautiful parks that surround the river making it a very serene and peaceful place to live! Riverside South gives you direct access to nature while also being extremely close to the city center and this is what makes it such a great neighborhood. You will also have access to grocery stores, shopping centers and restaurants all within RiverSide South – so for the necessities you will not have to go far. You can rest assured that the schools in the area are also fantastic. If you are considering making the move to Riverside south here in Ottawa I know you won’t be disappointed!

Explore the location of Riversouth South on the interactive map below!

Location of Riverside South

Riverside South (schools, safety & culture) - Ottawa neighbourhoods

Riverside South is an amazing neighborhood for newcomers to Ottawa Canada. You might be curious how Riverside South compares to other neighborhoods such as Kanata, Stittsvile and Barrrhaven. In this video I am going to review the Riverside South neighborhood and discuss its schools, safety, and overall culture. If you are considering moving to Riverside South this video should be a must watch for you.

Ottawa's Best Neighbourhood # 2 - Stittsville

Alright next we have Stittsville. Stittsville is located in our West end here in Ottawa and is about a 25 minute drive to downtown. Stitsville is a really great community for families here in Ottawa. It is extremely safe and offers fantastic school options. There are plenty of housing options from single family homes, to townhomes to bungalows. Stittsville is a very unique suburb as in the last decade it has rapidly expanded. If you like the new home feel then you’ll have a lot to choose from here in Stittsville. Now if you like the older homes that will be on larger lots, and will have more character and mature greenery, luckily you can also find that here in Stittsville! Stittsville boasts a main street that is full of character and gives you the small town feel which is rare to find in a developing suburb. I would highly recommend Stitsville as a family friendly neighborhood to live in.

Explore the location of Stittsville on the interactive map below!

Location of Stittsville

One of the BEST Neighbourhoods for Families in Ottawa - Stittsville Neighbourhood Review

Finding a family friendly neighborhood in Ottawa can be a challenge and if you’re new to the city you might not know where to begin. In this video I am going to review one amazing neighborhood for families in Ottawa. I will review schools, home styles, and most importantly safety in the area. There are of course many great neighborhoods in Ottawa but it this video I’m goning to focus on our neighborhood called Stittsville.

Ottawa's Best Neighbourhood # 3 - Westboro


Next we have Westboro. Westboro is a lot more central and still made the list even though it is not a suburb. About 10 minutes away from downtown we have Westboro which is an extremely safe and beautiful neighborhood. Next to the Ottawa River you still have so much access to nature while still being in the middle of everything Ottawa has to offer. You will find a lot of condos in Westboro but you will also find some really beautiful homes on quiet streets. The proximity Westboro offers comes at a price tag – single family homes in Westboro can soar well over 1 million but in my opinion if you can afford it Westboro is a fantastic place to live. Westboro is considered a very trendy neighborhood in Ottawa and if you are looking for a more walkable lifestyle this could be the perfect neighborhood for you!

Explore the location of Westboro on the interactive map below!

Location of Westboro

Ottawa's Best Neighbourhood # 4 - Kanata Lakes

Kanata Lakes

Okay so finally we have reached the last neighborhood and I have saved the best for last. If you are searching for the perfect neighborhood for you and your family I can guarantee that you will love living in the spot. Now here it is… The best neighborhood for families in Ottawa is Kanata Lakes. Kanata Lakes is located in Ottawa’s west end and is within our neighborhood of Kanata. I think Kanata Lakes is the best neighborhood in Ottawa for families because of its level of safety as well as high quality schools in the area. One of the best schools in Ottawa is actually within Kanata Lakes. Homes in the area come at a premium price because of the neighborhood’s fantastic reputation. There are some really amazing properties in the area and if you’re looking for a beautiful home as well as a great neighborhood you really can’t go wrong with living here. I have other videos on Kanata Lakes as well as the schools in the area – if you’re interested in learning more about the neighborhood check them out!

Explore the location of Kanata Lakes on the interactive map below!

Location of Kanata Lakes

Kanata Lakes - 5 Things you NEED to Know Before Moving Here (Ottawa Neighbourhoods)

Kanata Lakes is one of the best Neighborhoods in Ottawa. lt offers serene quiet family friendly living. If you’ve been searching for a neighborhood in Ottawa that will work for your family for the long term I can almost guarantee you’ll love living in Kanata Lakes. Now of course it’s hard to actually google what it will be like living in a particular neighborhood. In this video I am going to review the 5 things you need to know before moving to Kanata Lakes.

The Best Neighborhoods for Families in Ottawa

Alright so those are my top 4 neighbourhoods for families in Ottawa. I hope this blog will help you narrow down where you should live here. 

Obviously, finding the perfect neighborhood for you and your family in Ottawa is a very subjective experience. If you need more guidance on finding the right neighbourhood connect with me below where I can give you a personalized recommendation suited for you and your families needs. 

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