The Ottawa Tulip Festival

Every year Ottawa hosts one of Canada’s most famous festivals. The Ottawa Tulip Festival is world renowned and is an absolute must see! view over 300,000 thousand tulips and explore the WORLDS LARGEST tulip display!

When is the Ottawa Tulip Festival?

The window to view the tulip festival is quite small so plan ahead! The festival is only 10 days long and runs from May 10 – 20th every year. If you are planning to visit Ottawa May is a fantastic month to do so, so I would recommend planning your trip so you can attend the festival. The Festival takes place in Ottawa’s Commissioners Park. Adjacent to the Rideau Canal get ready for some breathtaking views!

History Behind Ottawa's Tulip Festival

After the war, the Dutch people and Princess Juliana expressed their thanks to Canada by sending thousands of tulip bulbs to the Capital. The Gift of Tulips became a yearly tradition. Every year, the Dutch Royal Family and the people of the Netherlands each send 10,000 bulbs to Ottawa.

The Gift is planted in two flower beds in Ottawa. One bed, at the Ottawa Hospital, Civic Campus, pays tribute to the birth of Princess Margriet. The other is the Queen Juliana Gift Bed in Commissioners Park. The tulips planted in these beds are in shades of pink and purple – Juliana’s favourite colours.

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Where to Take The BEST Photos at the Tulip Festival?

  • Commissioners Park, Ottawa

  • Malak’s Bed, Gatineau

  • Major’s Hill Park, Ottawa

  • Garden of the Provinces and Territories, Ottawa

  • Montcalm-Taché Park, Gatineau

Tulip Festival in Bloom

Ottawa's WORST Neighbourhoods

Today I am going to uncover Ottawa’s worst neighbourhoods. This is a MUST watch for all newcomers to Ottawa! I will go over the top 3 worst neighbourhoods in Ottawa Ontario. If you will be moving to Ottawa make sure you watch this video before choosing a neighbourhood here!

The Worlds LARGEST Tulip Display

Ottawa Tulip Festival

Thanks for reading! Make sure to take tons of photos if you visit the tulip festival! It’s an absolute must see and i hope you enjoy your time here in Ottawa!

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