Ottawa's Worst Neighbourhoods

The WORST Neighbourhoods In Ottawa

Moving to Ottawa Ottawa's WORST Neighbourhoods So you're considering moving to Ottawa and don’t know where to live? Well first of all I want to make sure you don’t end up in what's considered to be a bad neighborhood here. This tends to be every newcomer's worst fear so today I am going to uncover the worst neighborhoods in Ottawa. Make sure you stick around to the end of this post as I saved...



Moving to Ottawa TOP 3 NEIGHBOURHOODS IN OTTAWA FOR FAMILIES Ottawa has so many neighborhoods to choose from - some great and some not so great. The real question is - how do you pick the best one for you and your family?! Here is the top 3 neighbourhoods in Ottawa for Families!  My name is Candice Trzmiel and I am a realtor here in Ottawa - I help newcomers just like you from all over the...

Ottawa's Tulip Festival 2024

An Absolute Must see in Ottawa, Ontario – The Ottawa Tulip Festival

Ottawa The Ottawa Tulip Festival Every year Ottawa hosts one of Canada's most famous festivals. The Ottawa Tulip Festival is world renowned and is an absolute must see! view over 300,000 thousand tulips and explore the WORLDS LARGEST tulip display! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LVNxEKtgRuA When is the Ottawa Tulip Festival? The window to view the tulip festival is quite small so...

Ottawa's best neighborhoods for families

4 of the BEST Neighbourhoods for Families in Ottawa Ontario

Moving to Ottawa 4 of The BEST Neighbourhoods for Families in Ottawa Did you know that where you live determines your level of happiness more than any other factor?! Living in the right city and more importantly the right neighborhood is so incredibly important. If you are considering moving to Ottawa I'm sure you're trying to unpack exactly which neighborhood you should live in. In this video, I...

Ottawas Best School

Ottawa’s Best School

Moving to Ottawa The BEST School in Ottawa  Earl of March is known as one of the best secondary schools in all of Ottawa. If you are planning on moving to Ottawa you might be trying to figure out the best school in Ottawa. As every parent is concerned about their child's education I will help you discover more of what Earl of March has to offer. I will review what makes this school the best...

Ottawa's Most Frequently Asked Questions

Ottawa’s most Frequently Asked Questions Answered

Answered Ottawa's Most Frequently Asked Questions If you're considering moving to Ottawa I'm sure that you have many questions about the city and what it's like living here. If you are a parent I'm sure you're equally concerned about your child's safety and education in a new city! In this post I am going to review some frequently asked questions I get from newcomers who are moving to Ottawa. It can be...

what is ottawa known for?

What is Ottawa Known For?

The good and the bad What is Ottawa Known For? Ottawa, the capital city of Canada, is known for so many things! What might first come to mind are the Parliament Buildings and its reputation for being a boring city. There are in fact so many other things that Ottawa is known for! I will discuss what makes Ottawa a fantastic city - I’ll review what Ottawa is known for, the good and the...

Ottawa Real Estate Market

Ottawa’s Real Estate Market 2023

Is now a good time to buy? Ottawa's Real Estate Market 2023 If the idea of relocating to Ottawa and becoming a homeowner has piqued your interest, you're probably eager to gain an understanding of Ottawa's real estate market. I will delve into a comprehensive review of Ottawa's dynamic housing market and provide firsthand insights into the home buying experience here. Beyond the realm of statistics easily...

Living in Kanata

Everything you NEED to know about Living in Kanata

Ottawa Neighbourhood Series Everything you NEED to know about Living in Kanata If you're considering moving to Ottawa I'm sure you've heard of our neighborhood called Kanata. Kanata is known as an amazing suburb here in Ottawa that provides a safe living environment set amongst some of the best schools in Ottawa. In this video I will break down exactly what Kanata provides and why I think it is a great...

Kanata Lakes Schools

The BEST Schools in Kanata Lakes – Ottawa

Everything you need to know if your considering buying a home in ottawa The BEST School In Kanata Lakes If you're moving to Ottawa I'm sure youve heard of one of our most popular neighborhoods called Kanata Lakes. Kanata Lakes is known for its beautiful houses, the surrounding golf course, as well as the amazing schools it provides. If you are new to Canada you might not realize you need to live...

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