Pros and Cons of Living in Ottawa

Your Comprehensive Guide for Moving to Ottawa Pros & Cons of Living in Ottawa Are you thinking about moving to Ottawa?  In this short video I will tell you the pros and cons about living here from a locals perspective. Hopefully this video will give you a sense of if Ottawa is the right place for you! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PkCDdjt_8kcTaxes Ok so we pay a lot of taxes here in...

How to Buy a Home in Ottawa

Your comprehensive guide for moving to Ottawa How to Buy a Home in Ottawa Are you trying to figure out how to buy a home in Canada? The process can be tough and confusing - you might have tried to google the process and have been left with more questions than answers.  I will go over everything you need to know before looking for your home here in Canada. I will highlight key steps you need to...

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