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Everything you NEED to know about Living in Kanata

If you’re considering moving to Ottawa I’m sure you’ve heard of our neighborhood called Kanata. Kanata is known as an amazing suburb here in Ottawa that provides a safe living environment set amongst some of the best schools in Ottawa. In this video I will break down exactly what Kanata provides and why I think it is a great place to live. If you have been searching for the perfect neighborhood for yourself and your family, keep reading as I will explain exactly why I think Kanata would work for you.

Where is Kanata Located?

Let’s start with its location. Kanata is in Ottawa’s west end. It is approximately 20 minutes from Downtown Ottawa by car. Kanata sits just outside of our city center and although you are close to everything Ottawa has to offer you still get the peace and quiet of living in the suburbs. Although suburban living can often be thought of us living remotely and “in the middle of nowhere” Kanata offers a quiet, and safe living environment while being close to everything Ottawa has to offer!

If you are concerned about safety, rest assured that Kanata is an extremely safe place to live – you will feel comfortable here day or night. I would highly recommend living in this neighborhood if you have young kids or are considering starting a family. 

Now let’s review why people choose to live in Kanata. Kanata offers a wide range of housing options to single family homes, townhomes, as well as homes with oasis like backyards including a pool and hot tub (these are some of my favorites). There is truly something for everyone here. Although expensive if your budget hovers around the 1 million mark I believe you can find a truly exceptional home in kanata!

The Real Cost of Living in Ottawa

If you’re considering moving to Ottawa I’m sure you have many questions about the cost of living here. Although we are not known as an expensive city in Canada  – I wouldnt say its cheap to live here!  Now of course as Ottawa has grown so has the cost of living. In this video I will review what it truly costs to live here. I must say living in Ottawa is not cheap but I will promise it is cheaper than living in Toronto or Vancouver!

Kanata Townhomne


Now you might be wondering – well Kanata sounds great – why doesn’t everyone live here!? The answer comes down to cost. Kanata is considered an expensive place to rent or purchase a home. Additionally, if you do not have a car you will find our transportation options in Kanata quite lacking. An average detached home in Kanata can range from 900K to well over 1 million where a townhome can range from 600k to 800k. Now, if you do in fact have that budget to spend on a new home I would highly recommend looking at properties in Kanata.

Schools in Kanata

Kanata is home to some of the best schools in Ottawa. I have a video on one of the best schools which is Earl of March – I recommend checking that out if you are interested in learning  more about the schools in the area. I would actually say the schools in Kanata are the primary reason why people choose to live here. If you are a concerned parent – hoping for your kids to attend the best schools – Kanata might be the perfect place for you to call home.

Schools in Ottawa - Earl of March

Earl of March is known as one of the best secondary schools in all of Ottawa. If you are planning on moving to Ottawa you might be trying to figure out the best schools in the city. As every parent is concerned about their child’s education I will help you discover more of what Earl of March has to offer. I will review what makes this school the best – and most importantly where you need to live in order to get your kids into Ottawa’s best school.

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What Kanata has to Offer

Kanata’s location is also phenomenal – being 20 minutes away from Ottawa’s downtown core is a huge benefit. Although close to downtown you actually don’t need to leave Kanata – as everything you might need is in the neighborhood already. Kanata has everything – and multiples of everything – grocery stores, major shopping outlets, liquor stores, banks, gyms – everything you might need is all within Kanata.

As many are now working from home Kanata has become even more popular. People are now looking for homes with more indoor and outdoor space. Luckily, homes in Kanata have that to offer. With finished basements popular in the area as well as expansive backyards many have found the homes in Kanata to work for their families needs.

Check out the Types of Homes for Sale in Kanata

If you are moving to Ottawa and are hoping for a peaceful suburban neighborhood I think you’ll love living in Kanata. If you are relocating here with kids that will be attending secondary school I would highly recommend living in this neighborhood as well. If you need more advice about our neighborhoods here in Ottawa please do not hesitate to contact me – please find all of my information in the contact section above!

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