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The BEST School in Ottawa

 Earl of March is known as one of the best secondary schools in all of Ottawa. If you are planning on moving to Ottawa you might be trying to figure out the best school in Ottawa. As every parent is concerned about their child’s education I will help you discover more of what Earl of March has to offer. I will review what makes this school the best – and most importantly where you need to live in order to get your kids into Ottawa’s best school.

Where is Earl of March Located?

Now let’s get started – here is what makes Earl of March one of the best schools in Ottawa

First of all, let’s review the school’s location. Earl of march is nestled within Ottawa’s West end suburbs of Kanata. Earl of march is within our neighborhood called Kanata Lakes – which is one of our most desirable neighborhoods in the city. Right next to Earl of March is a newly renovated public library and rec center. In the summer months a private tennis court opens its doors just steps away from the school. The location really can’t be beat – it is safe as well as central.

Check out the map below to see exactly where Earl of March is located. Take a look at my “drive with me” video where I drive through Kanata and show you exactly what living in Kanata is like. 

Earl of March opened its doors in 1971 and was designed to be Ottawa’s best school with the best facilities. There is a 750-seater auditorium, a gymnasium with a balcony, a large cafeteria, a library, separate rooms for science, arts and technology, and a gym.

The school was one of the initial schools in Ottawa to offer French immersion and the first in Ontario to offer an Advanced Placement program. It is a program that provides high school students with the opportunity to receive credits from University for their performance.

The Real Cost of Living in Ottawa 💸 (the truth)

Ottawa has landed itself as one of the top locations for newcomers in Canada. Toronto and Vancouver are known as very expensive cities and many people are flocking to Ottawa as it is a more affordable city to live in Canada. Now of course as Ottawa has grown and so has the cost of living. In this video I will review what it truly costs to live here. I must say living in Ottawa is not cheap but I will promise it is cheaper than living in Toronto or Vancouver!

Certificate Programs at Earl of March (including French)

Earl of march is one of the only schools to offer an International Certificate program which is catered to self disciplined students looking to become more globally aware. Students earn their certificate through completing programs such as learning an international language and participating in internationally focused programs. The aim of this certificate program is to make students more valuable to both post-secondary and future employment opportunities.

Earl of march also offers an extended French certificate. If you are looking for your children to become fluent in French, Earl of March offers great french immersion programs. 

Earl of March offers multiple other certificate programs including programs in business, fine arts, and technology. Take a look at their website to learn more.

If your kids are into sports – there are also plenty of clubs run by Earl of March. Some include – Nordik skiing, golf, soccer and many more. 

Earl of March

Earl of March has an Amazing Reputation

Now something you can’t necessarily google is a school’s reputation. I’m here to tell you that early March is known as one of the best schools in ottawa. Some people actually only look at homes in Kanata Lakes to ensure their kids will go to this school. Let’s review school boundaries and why where you live dictates where your kids will go to school.

How to get into Earl of March

If we look at the Ottawa School Board locator you can see that your address dictates the schools in which your children can attend. There are school boundaries for all of our schools here in ottawa. Essentially, if you do not live within the boundaries of Earl of March your children cannot go to that school. If you want your children to attend Earl of March it is imperative that you live within its boundaries. If you would like access to property listings that fall only within the Earl of march school boundaries please see the from below to sign up. You will be added to a portal that only shows homes for sale within Earl of Marches school boundaries – this can be difficult to do on realtor.ca so I created a portal for you.

Earl Of March School Boundary Property Search

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There is a lot more to uncover regarding what Earl of March has to offer. I highly recommend visiting their website to discover more about the school. If you need more guidance on schools or where to live in Ottawa please connect with me. 

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Moving to a new city is exceptionally challenging. I am your resource for all things Ottawa. Finding a home let alone a new neighbourhood is a huge undertaking without any support. Connect with me where I will help guide you through the process in relocating to your new city! 

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