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The BEST School In Kanata Lakes

If you’re moving to Ottawa I’m sure youve heard of one of our most popular neighborhoods called Kanata Lakes. Kanata Lakes is known for its beautiful houses, the surrounding golf course, as well as the amazing schools it provides. If you are new to Canada you might not realize you need to live within certain school boundaries in order to get your kids into their desired school. It is a very common mistake I see many make! I will review how the school system in Ottawa works and how to ensure you get your kids into the best school!

One of the best public schools Kanata Lakes offers is Called Earl of March. Earl of March is a secondary school that provides education for students from grade 7 to 12. Earl of March has a great reputation here in Ottawa and is known as one of the best schools in not only Ottawa but in all of Ontario. It offers AP programs that allow students to obtain university credits while in secondary school. Each of March also offers an excellent French Immersion program.

Kanata Lakes School Earl of March

School Rankings Matter...

Earl of March received an 8.6 ranking out of 10 on the Fraser Institute school rankings of Ontario. If we look at the map of rankings you can see that there are many great schools in Ottawa’s West end. If we go further east however you can see school rankings drop quite drastically. I highly recommend doing as much research as you can on the school you want your kids to go to.

Earl of March is known as one of the best secondary schools in all of Ottawa. If you are planning on moving to Ottawa you might be trying to figure out the best schools in the city. As every parent is concerned about their child’s education I will help you discover more of what Earl of March has to offer. I will review what makes this school the best – and most importantly where you need to live in order to get your kids into Ottawa’s best school.

School Boundaries Explained

Now – once you’ve chosen the area you want to live in and the school you’d like your children to attend. It is very important that you understand that you MUST live within the school boundaries in order for your kids to go to the school you have chosen. The first step in figuring out where to live in Ottawa for many comes down to what school they want their children to go to. Luckily, Kanata Lakes is one of the best neighborhoods here in Ottawa and Earl of march Falls within the Kanata lakes Boundaires.

Now not all of Kanata Lakes falls into the school boundaries of Earl of March; it is in fact a very particular border that cuts through many random streets.

 It can seem overwhelming – as you might be thinking ok well how do I find a house within this district. It’s almost impossible to narrow down a search like this on Realtor.ca. In order to help families I have a system that sends out listings that fall and only fall within certain school boundaries. So for example, if you want to find a home within the Earl of March school District –  you will only receive listings that fall within those boundaries. If you want to be set up on the Earl of March school district property search – Connect with me to do so, and by the way it’s completely free.

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Kanata has some of the best schools

The fantastic thing about the schools here in Ottawa and particularly in kanata lakes is that they provide transportation to and from school. There are multiple bus stops depending on where you live that will provide your kids with free reliable and safe transportation to school every day. This is not a public bus system and it is a school bus system only used for students. And yes the bus is a true yellow school bus – you can’t miss it!

Now Lets review the Ottawa school boards school locator. This tool will show you what schools are associated with streets in Ottawa. When looking for a home I would highly recommend reviewing what schools fall within the street boundaries. I cannot stress enough that you must live within the “Earl of March” school boundaries in order for your children to attend. The tool itself might seem a little archaic but this will help you ensure the home you purchase is within the proper school boundaries. If this seems overwhelming please reach out to me and I can help you through it!

Tag along while I review Kanata Lakes with you. Are you wondering if Kanata Lakes is the right place to raise a family? Are you trying to figure out what schools are in the area? Watch this video where I review Kanata Lakes and will help you determine if you should live here in Ottawa.

Once you have found a home you will need to register your children for school. The process is fairly simple and can be done on the Ottawa School Board website. The steps are outlined very clearly – and since you have done your research and live within the appropriate school boundaries you should not encounter any surprises!

I hope this post has given you a broad understanding of how the school system works here in Ottawa. Getting your kids into the best schools is often priority number one for families moving to Ottawa. If you have any other questions about Ottawa please reach out!

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