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The Most EXPENSIVE Neighbourhood in Ottawa

Are you looking to live in Ottawa’s most expensive neighborhood or are curious about what the most expensive neighborhood in Ottawa actually is? I am going to review the area with you and break down what makes this neighborhood the most expensive and what types of homes are for sale in the area.

Now let’s started. The most expensive neighborhood in Ottawa is known as Rockcliffe park. 

Rockcliffe park is in a highly desirable area near the Ottawa River as well as Downtown Ottawa. Because of its location and high end properties Rockcliffe Park is known as the most expensive neighborhood in Ottawa.

Get to Know Ottawa's Neighbourhood Rockcliffe Park...

Rockcliffe park is known for its mansions and high end properties and because of this it appeals to wealthy buyers who value exclusivity and privacy. Many of our Embassies in Ottawa are within or close to Rockcliffe park. There are also many luxury amenities such as private schools, high end restaurants, parks, and a yacht club.

Ottawa Neighbourhoods

Now you might be wondering what type of people live here? Canada’s most affluent live in this urban sanctuary. Household incomes top a half a million dollars – more than 5 times the national average. An average net worth in this area is also above 5 million. More than half of the adults living here hold university degrees and occupy high paying executive positions. Interestingly enough 1 in 4 of these individuals is self employed.

Location, Location, Location

The location of Rockcliffe park is what makes it an exceptional place to live. Its proximity to the Ottawa river allows you to be close to the city and still enjoy the nature Ottawa has to offer. In the summertime you can dock your very own boat steps away from your house. You are also a short drive away from Downtown Ottawa – you truly get the best of both worlds living in Rockcliffe.

There are public schools in Rockcliffe park but it is also known to house some of the most prestigious private schools in Ottawa. If you want your children to go to a private school and live in close proximity to school – Rockcliffe park would be the place for you. The cost to enroll your child in private school is anywhere from 25 to 35 thousand dollars annually. Private school does not come cheap!

Ottawa's BEST School

Earl of March is known as one of the best secondary schools in all of Ottawa. If you are planning on moving to Ottawa you might be trying to figure out the best schools in the city. As every parent is concerned about their child’s education I will help you discover more of what Earl of March has to offer.

Homes in Rockcliffe Park

Now you might be wondering what the neighborhood and the houses within it actually look like. Let’s review some homes that are for sale in the area.

275 Springfield Drive:

275 Springfield drive is in the heart of Rockcliffe park. It is a beautiful single family home with 6 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms. It is currently on the market for $2,389,000. One of the best features of this home is the impressively large lot size as well as mature greenery. This is a typical Rockcillfe property that you can expect to see. 

1344 Lisgar Road 

1344 Lisgar road is another stunning property in Rockcliffe. This home is 4 beds and 5 baths and is listed at $3,650,000. As you can see the properties here are quite impressive and you absolutely pay a premium to live here.

262 Coltrin Road

Another example is 262 Coltrin Road. This home has 5 bedrooms and 6 bathrooms and as you can see looks very impressive from the outside. If you are to be working on Parliament this property as the others would be a short drive away. This home is listed at 4.2 million.

As you can see, homes in Rockcliffe park are not cheap. You do pay a premium to live in this exclusive community. If you can afford it however I would absolutely recommend living there. Rockcliffe park truly has the best of what Ottawa has to offer and the location can’t be beat. 

I hope you enjoyed my overview of Ottawa’s most expensive neighborhood. Thanks for reading!

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