The good and the bad

What is Ottawa Known For?

Ottawa, the capital city of Canada, is known for so many things! What might first come to mind are the Parliament Buildings and its reputation for being a boring city. There are in fact so many other things that Ottawa is known for! I will discuss what makes Ottawa a fantastic city – I’ll review what Ottawa is known for, the good and the bad

Ottawa is Known as a 15 Minute City

Ottawa is known as a 15 minute city. Our city plan is focused on creating residential hubs where people can get to most of their daily destinations — schools, grocery stores, public transit, parks and libraries — within a 15-minute walk from their homes. Many European cities such as Amsterdam, and Copenhagen have implemented the 15 minute city plan already. Within the boundaries of Ottawa I would say that everything you might need can be found within a 15 minute walk from your home. This is a pretty unique concept that makes for an improved quality of life that I believe Ottawa already emulates.

Ottawa is Known for its Bad Public Transportation

Now this might be hard to uncover through Google but Ottawa is known for its lack of reliable public transportation options. We have a bus system as well as a new Light Rail system. You might think Ottawa being a major city would have a subway – but we don’t! I find Ottawa is a city where everyone drives – having a car is essential here. If you will be relying on public transit I will say you will be quite frustrated over time. Major complaints with our transit system include – major delays, cancellations, unreliability, and a large number of users that our transit  just can’t support. In time, especially as our city is rapidly expanding I hope our transit system improves – although I wouldn’t expect much change for at least a decade.


Ottawa has Fantastic Restaurants!

Ottawa is known for some fantastic dining options. We have a fabulous food scene here which you might not expect. I have a video on my favorite restaurants in Ottawa if you’re looking for more restaurant tips. We have amazing food options in our Little Italy and Chinatown which offers so many diverse restaurant options. We also have great restaurants in our downtown core, and centertown. There are so many places to choose from you wont get bored here!

Where to Eat in Ottawa 😋 - My Top 6 Restaurants

If you are looking to visit Ottawa you might be trying to figure out where you should eat during your stay. Ottawa might not be known for its food scene but we do actually have some amazing restaurants here. In this video I am going to review my absolute favorite restaurants in Ottawa. This is my tailored restaurant recommendation list filled with restaurants I personally love!

Ottawa's FAMOUS Beaver Tails

You might have heard of one of our specialties – BeaverTails. Although the name might sound a bit gross – beaver tails are essentially a dessert made of dough, butter, and sugar – and then they are deep fried. They are truly amazing and I highly recommend you try one here in Ottawa!

ottawa beavertails

The Worlds Largest Skating Rink

Ottawa is home to the world’s largest skating rink – the Rideau Canal. This is an incredibly popular activity that is open in the winter months. Best of all, you can skate the rideau canal for free! If you need to rent skates they also have that option for you. The skateway is 7.8 kilometers long which is equivalent to 90 olympic size hockey rinks and will take you through Ottawa’s downtown core. You can also enjoy hot chocolate and other sweet treats that are available along the skateway.

Ottawa's World Famous Tulip Festival

Ottawas tulip festival

Ottawa is most popularly known for its Tulip festival which takes place every spring. It only runs for 11 days in May so you have to make sure you don’t miss it! This festival is beautiful and allows you to get outside during some of our best months in the city!

Winter can be a Challenge

On a negative note – Ottawa is known for its harsh winters. Our winters here are cold, snowy and dark. I will agree it can be tough living here in the winter months. What makes it manageable is our fantastic summers and that we get to experience 4 true seasons. If you are a fan of the fall time – Ottawa is the place for you. You will be surrounded by our beautiful trees changing from green to red, yellow and brown. Fall might be one of my favorite seasons here altogether!

what is ottawa known for? winter

Fantastic Quality of Life

Now most importantly, Ottawa is known for its amazing quality of life. If you are planning on moving to Ottawa you might like to know that Ottawa consistently ranks as one of the best places to live in the world due to its safety, quality of life, and access to healthcare and education. You might have heard that Canadians are incredibly friendly – I do believe Ottawa represents this and if you’re moving from a larger city such as Toronto you’ll be able to see the difference almost immediately! 

I hope this gives you a better understanding of the city and what Ottawa is known for. If you have any questions about the Ottawa area please reach out to me! Thanks for reading!

Most Frequently asked Questions about Living in Ottawa

If you’re considering moving to Ottawa I’m sure that you have many questions about the city and what it’s like living here. If you are a parent I’m sure you’re equally concerned about your child’s safety and education in a new city! In this video I am going to review some frequently asked questions I get from newcomers who are moving to Ottawa.

Need Help Finding a Home in Ottawa?

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Moving to a new city is exceptionally challenging. I am your resource for all things Ottawa. Finding a home let alone a new neighbourhood is a huge undertaking without any support. Connect with me where I will help guide you through the process in relocating to your new city! 

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